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Welcome to the homepage of the Flemington Martins. This site old and sadly, wasn't quite finished.  But I'm putting it up again for those who are interested. 

New (6/3/03): "O.C. Martin realizes the generation of soldiers he served with during World War II is fading away. Martin served in the U.S. Army's 94th Division in the European campaign. Now, at age 94, he still remembers many of the things from World War II. But the number of World War II vets left is dwindling rapidly. " Read the story on our Family News page.

New (4/9/03):Check your mail for information on the 250th Anniversary Celebration of Midway Church in 2004. If you have photographs, paintings, engravings--anything to shed more light on the history -- contact Van Jones Martin at Read more about it on the Family News page and the Midway Sunday page.

New (4/8/03): Check out the Midway Sunday page for information on what's happening and who's going!

The pages on this website are based on the book, The Flemington Martins (1970). Arthur Martin (Sr.) wrote these family notes with the help of his Aunt Corrie Martin and published this book with support from The Hinesville Bank. The genealogy charts have been revised to include events to the current date and will be updated as new information is received.

To best navigate this site, use the links on the left-hand column of page. You will also find links in throughout the text of these pages. To return to this page, click on Back to Homepage, at any time.